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Research association basidionet

Basidionet is an association of academic and industrial researchers, producers, and friends of Basidiomycetes.

Founded on June 23, 2010 in Hannover, it is the intention of Basidionet to offer an open platform for all interested scientists to exchange information on this largely neglected class of microorganisms.

Recent publication: We report the discovery of fungi fossils in a 810 to 715 million year old dolomitic shale from the Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup, Democratic Republic of Congo

17th Basidionet meeting
17th Basidionet meeting on 20th October 2018 at Nationalparkzentrum Ruhestein. Picture: D. Hoffmeister.
Pleurotus sapidus
Surface culture, submerged culture, and 2-D electrophoresis gel of extracellular enzymes (the secretome) derived from Pleurotus sapidus (from left to right). Pictures: Institut für Lebensmittelchemie und Lebensmittelbiotechnologie, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen; Page header: The Split Gill (Schizophyllum commune) can cause considerable damage by decomposition of wooden constructions. Picture: Monica Navarro-Gonzales.